Household Service's

Find the service on Connect Your Need, the app provides the option to both service Offeror and seeker. You just have to sign up and get free access to the opportunities. The Offeror has to make his profile in which he explains about the services, he can provide and the service seeker also has to make a profile in which he explains about what type of service he needs and when both services provided and service needed is matched, the seeker and Offeror will connect automatically. Connect Your Need provides a portal for the services which includes: Repairs services of all electronic appliances and households. On-demand services like carpenter, Electrician, Painter, Plumber, etc. Florist services which include event decorations flower home deliveries, Baby care services, Event Organizers (Banquets and Caterer services), Civil Contractors,Courier Services, Interior Designers, Transport Services etc..